1000 Miles
1000 Miles
1000 Miles
1000 Miles

1000 Miles

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Track List:

1.  Take Me Home Country Roads

2.  A Million Hearts

3.  Don't Let It Get You Down

4.  Cherokee Rose

5.  In Pain

6.  Banjo Boogie Stomp Stomp

7.  Keep On Singing 

8.  Mama Don't You Cry

9.  Reflections

10. Eastbound To Westville

11. Go On High

12. Spirits In The Shadows

13. Diggin In The Dirt

14. Stone County Breakdown

"This album is just what folks need right now. It’s got positivity, energy, and the kindness of spirit we’ve grown to expect from this duo. 1000 Miles careens down a dirt road, kicking up dusty folk and bluegrass traditions while whipping in original arrangements of roots and Americana. After all those miles, it’s clear that Bettman & Halpin have found a new stride. It’s got a few barnburnin’ bangers, but it’s well balanced with some achingly honest ballads. Thankfully, they’ve kept their heartfelt storytelling and lyrics at the center of everything – and that’s no easy feat when the strings fly as fast as these two can send them."  Jenny Inzerillo High Plains Public Radio

Travel 1000 Miles with Bettman & Halpin and you will surely lose track of the distance. With a knack for both lyrics and melody, this is a perfect album for that road trip you've been putting off. Or just put your feet up, and enjoy your favorite merlot, while you let the harmonies wash you clean.