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Track List:

1. Diamond

2. Feels Like Coming Home

3. Children Don't Tell

4. Lady With the Lantern

5. Bluestem

6. Flowers & Stone

7. My Own True Love

8. Madeline

9. Lonely Road

10. Winter's Waltz

11. Shades of Blue

One of Bettman & Halpin's most popular CDs: Diamond is an epic musical journey, brilliant, stunning, and courageous. It is daringly original in both voice and theme, tackling such subject matter as child abuse, anorexia, and life after death. As always - Bettman & Halpin handle difficult subject matter with deft hands - bringing the listener back to light, back to hope. Several of the songs and the theme of this CD is inspired by volunteer work with kids in crisis in Denver CO. This CD also marks the first wholly self-produced venture for Bettman & Halpin. Recorded in their studio in Denver CO, they set aside the fast pickin’ flash of their bluegrass roots, and focused on texture and emotion, creating beautiful arrangements, at the center of which lay Ms. Bettman’s powerful vocals and Mr. Halpin’s shimmering harmony.