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Get Close To Me

Get Close To Me

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Stephanie Bettman’s debut album, Get Close To Me, featuring Luke Halpin on mandolin and some guitar, as well as vocal harmonies. 11 great original songs ranging from Dixie Chicks style country to old timey torch songs.

Media Response:

"...That Stephanie Bettman has reached a level comparable to others like Emmylou Harris, Joan Baez and Allison Krauss so quickly is a bit uncanny.  Get Close to Me is an album that deserves a place of honor in any collection of CDs held by fans of singer/songwriters." -- Country Jukebox Germany

"...Bettman’s singing recalls the soaring soprano of Joan Baez or the distinctive phrasing of Frances Black... She’s mastered that bluegrass art of pairing a dark lyric with a powerful upbeat melody. It will be interesting to see how her musical career evolves. She’s an artist to watch."- by kerry dexter in All News, Entertainment, Music Reviews, Reviews, Society and Culture